Vocal Instrumental Music from the Tyva Republic in Inner Asia

Legendary xöömeizhi Khunashtar-ool Oorzhak (1932-93) singing sygyt (a style of Tuvan throat-singing) in an excerpt from the documentary film "Bells from the Deep: Faith and Superstition in Russia" by Werner Herzog (1993)

Ayan-ool Sam performing in the xöömei style of Tuvan throat-singing
Ensemble Alash Ensemble, University of Texas, Austin (April 2012)

Kaigal-ool Khovalyg from Ensemble Huun-Huur-Tu demonstrates the three main styles of Tuvan throat-singing (recorded in Kyzyl in 2005)

Ghost Riders in the Sky / Chylchynyng

performed by Sean Quirk and the Tuvan National Orchestra
(sung in English and Tuvan)

filmed live at the Concert hall "Korolevskii," Moscow
14 December 2012

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